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Sales and Marketing Philosophies

On this page you can learn more about Brian's marketing and sales philosophies.

Sales Beliefs

Sellers must focus on satisfying client needs or desires.

The internet and social media have changed the game in professional selling.

Buyers used to need salespeople to find out about new products and services.

Not anymore.

Now buyers simply go online to find the things and information they need. Buyers have a wealth of information available to them with simply the click of their mouse.

Sellers must adapt to this changing environment. Traditional approaches for selling, lead generation and customer generation simply don't work anymore.

Now more than ever sellers need to:

  • Know how to find and engage prospects using internet tools and social media.
  • Understand the issues impacting the buyer's business.
  • Help the buyer sort through all available options to select the best solution.
  • Negotiate with multiple interest groups to make sales.
  • Provide outstanding follow up service.
  • Cultivate long-term relationships.

The role of the professional salesperson is changing dramatically. Most organizations are unprepared for this change.

Salespeople need new skills.

Today's salesperson must educate, negotiate, consult, configure solutions, provide service and cultivate relationships. This means salespeople need to know how to:

  • Use internet tools and social media to find, engage and nurture prospects and existing customers.
  • Successfully interact with customers using voice mail, email mail, social media, text messaging, video conferencing and other new communication channels.
  • Help prospects manage choices.
  • Share and apply digital assets to engage prospects and make more sales.
  • Enhance relationships with clients.

Brian's keynote sales programs and workshops teach sellers how to succeed in today's changing environment. Contact Brian today to check his availability for your event.

Marketing Beliefs

Although the methods we use to deliver marketing messages and advertising have changed dramatically, successful marketers still use tried and true principles to deliver sales results.

Brian believes in the power of smartphones, tablets, websites and social media to deliver marketing and advertising messages.

He also believes that:

  • Your only objective in marketing or advertising is to sell something at a profit or to lower costs. You should consider "brand awareness," if it happens, to be a lucky byproduct of the marketing/advertising.
  • Marketing or advertising should always contain a specific offer(s).
  • You must focus on solving customer problems or needs. Prospects don't care about your company or products until they feel you can help them.
  • Advertising and marketing creative must be presented from the customer's point of view.
  • You must always give the customer a reason to respond NOW.
  • Your offers and marketing will always include clear instructions to the customer about how to respond.
  • You only ask prospects and customers for the MINIMUM amount of information necessary to complete the transaction.
  • Always protect the customer with a published policy concerning your use of their personal information.
  • ALWAYS track and measure the impact of your advertising/marketing.
  • You continue to communicate with prospects and customers using PROFIT PATH PLANNING PRINCIPLES.

Brian is an effective communicator that educates and entertains his audience. His keynote marketing programs and workshops help attendees sell more. Contact Brian today to see if he is right for your event.

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