Brian Offenberger Top Rated Marketing & Sales Keynote Speaker Brian Offenberger Top Rated Marketing & Sales Keynote Speaker

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Brian Offenberger has presented more than 800 keynote speeches and Brian is proud that 97% have hired him for repeat engagements. Read why people hire Brian. Brian's work has been featured by:

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Since 2006, Brian Offenberger has emerged as one of America's leading marketing and sales keynote speakers. First on "Online Marketing with RSS Ray" ( 2006-2011), and for the past six years as a keynote speaker, Offenberger's combination of no bull honesty and big ideas have garnered him top speaker reviews. In summertime 2016, this same combination will be on display in his book, "Salesperson 3.0: The New Rules of Selling."

In addition to his radio show โ€“ voted as the world's third best source for search marketing information โ€“ Offenberger owns Right On โ€“ No Bull Marketing, a digital marketing agency, and NJL Sales Training, a salesperson performance accelerator.

Offenberger started in public speaking back in sixth grade, when he developed a crush on his speech teacher. He's a member of the National Forensic League and an award-winning impromptu, debate and extemporaneous speaker. Since 2007, most every organization that has hired Offenberger as a keynote speaker has also hired him for repeat engagements. His speaking and workshop services have been used by Kodak, Reed Expositions, SEMA, AIIM, RSPA, Casual Living Magazine, ReadSoft, and many, many others.

Offenberger was born in Ohio, raised in Illinois, and went to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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